Delivery times

Once you have ordered, you can hardly wait for the package to be delivered.

Maybe you bought it for a special occasion or as a gift, and you want to know when your order will be delivered... In any case, preferably as soon as possible!

We understand your enthusiasm and do everything we can to deliver the order as soon as possible.

But we do not want to create false expectations, so we use a delivery time of up to 10 working days.

"That is really very long", you might say. Yes, we agree. In practice, the delivery time will be much quicker.

But suppose you order something, and need it ultimateley at a certain date... And then, things go wrong and your order does not arrive in time. Of course, you'd be disappointed. And that's what we want to avoid.

That is why we handle somewhat longer delivery times than you actually might expect from a webshop.