Wash T-shirt. How do you do that?

Wash T-shirt. How do you do that?

You put your dirty T-shirt in the washing machine. And to save costs, add the other laundry immediately. At the last minute, you fish a bright red sock from the pile, which prevents you from being teased in the dressing room for wearing unintended pink underwear.

Then you just throw everything in the dryer. Et voilà: after about an hour your clean T-shirt is ready for use again.

Did you wash your clothes this way? Really?! Also the T-shirts from By Jozef ?


That hurts, say!

Of course we appreciate your honesty, but remember that it is still a bit 'our children'. And as caring parents, we want the T-shirts to go well even after they leave the house.

That is why we have some tips for you, so that your T-shirts last longer.

6 Tips for a longer life of T-shirts

  • Read the clothing label
We know it is boring. But it does contain crucial information, such as the material it is made of, the country of origin and at least as important: the maximum temperature at which your T-shirt can be washed.
  • Wash your T-shirt cold
Usually the clothing label states that your T-shirt can be washed at 30 to 40 degrees. That's fine. Wasn't it warmer! Better yet, wash your T-shirt cold: it's good for cotton and print, and it reduces shrinkage.
  • Wash inside out
Also better for cotton and print: wash your T-shirt inside out.

  • Ironing
Leave your T-shirt inside out when you iron and avoid the print.
  • Do not wash your T-shirt too often
Washing too often causes damage to the cotton fibers, which accelerates the wear process. So no 'washes', but only when really necessary.
  • Not in the dryer
A dryer removes all moisture from the cotton fibers, making the T-shirt wear and fade faster.

It is better to hang a T-shirt wet, but also not in full sun because that also causes color distortion.