T-shirt shrunk? No problem!

T-shirt shrunk No problem

Have I gained weight or has my clothing shrunk? If the latter is the case, read on. Because in this blog you will get tips on how to prevent your T-shirt from shrinking. And how you can undo a shrinkage.

Prevention of shrinkage

Natural fabrics such as wool and cotton absorb more moisture than synthetic fabrics, such as polyester or rayon. As a result, T-shirts made from 100% cotton shrink more when washed too hot .

The most important lesson to avoid shrinking your T-shirt is not to wash it too much. In addition, there are a few tips.

  • Put your T-shirt in cold water for the first time (without detergent) . The shrinkage is then kept to a minimum.
  • Buy so-called 'pre-shrunk' (pre-shrunk) T-shirts. As a result, T-shirts will shrink less.
  • Always wash in cold or lukewarm water. Also read this blog for this .
Shrunk anyway. And now?

You did not read the label, accidentally threw your T-shirt with the other laundry at sixty degrees. And yes, your T-shirt is suddenly two sizes smaller. Oops! Fortunately, there are a number of ways you can get your T-shirt back to its original length.

  • Wet your T-shirt in cold water
  • Watch it on the floor or hang it up
  • Then stretch the T-shirt using weights. Do this carefully and avoid stretching it too far.
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Then watch this video (in English) in which everything is explained.